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We connect you with seasoned leaders and developers to help you achieve your technology goals.

Building Products

From infrastructure and architecture, to implementation and DevOps, our members can deliver stable implementations that scale.

Building Teams

We help you identify and realize technology roadmaps, talent composition, and technical process so you build great teams and exceptional products, faster.


With our experience, we can assist your organization in meeting compliance in eCommerce and Healthcare, specifically HIPAA, PCI, ISO27001.


We get it. Software development is not a walk in the park. Experienced engineers are scarce and it takes time to pull the right team together. Time that's valuable, especially when hitting the market with the right features, right now is so critical. It is always possible to get more junior staff onboard, hack things together, and get it done; but in a few iterations, development just comes to a halt when previous decisions cripple the next feature. It is very frustrating. We know.

We know, because we have been there. We live in the trenches, building systems from the ground up, understanding what works and what doesn't. We've witnessed the shifts as technologies evolve. We know because we rally the teams, building them up one member after another, constantly evaluating and encouraging individuals, guiding them to collaboratively succeed. We know because we tried both what worked and what didn't. And we want to share that experience with you.

Betasmiths can bridge the gap of what your organization needs to get done during these critical moments as your company hits difficult growth periods. Furthermore, with our experienced engineers we can provide assistance in vetting candidates in interviews, getting the dream team your organization deserves.

Each of our member has years of experience in startups and/or well-established companies in Silicon Valley. We have ample experience in designing scalable, secured, and stable implementations leading to our companies' successes. Most of our members have practical leadership experience and have our hands in engineering processes, mentoring, interviewing, and hiring.

We focus on growing our members coming from traditional full-time engineering companies instead of consulting. We worked in product-focused companies with loads of love and caring to the design and maintenance of the product. Doing what's right means so much more than the on-time on-budget mentality - it is about how to build something that can move the needle for our clients.

Our Amazing Team

See the talents you could be working with

Stan Chan

With a heavy focus on building teams that build great products, Stan works on all levels of the stack and is experienced in scaling development teams.

Shariq Minhas

Shariq excels at general development across all levels of the stack as well as Dev Ops. Writing highly maintainable code in quick development cycles keeps him happy.

Kevin Ballard

Kevin established his career in backend engineering where he has architected highly efficient systems for high throughput use-cases.

Karen Ho

With much passion in product, Karen excels in all areas of development from design to implementation across the stack. She frequently participates in hackathons with brilliant results.

Jason Whyne

As a seasoned mobile developer, Jason has been a leader in start-ups and large companies alike. Praised for his technical abilities and clear communication, Jason leads many successful iOS teams.

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